Dr Roberto Yasiel García Dueñas, Bachelor in Sociocultural Studies (2008) and Master in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (2012) from the University of Cienfuegos, PhD in Sociological Sciences (2019) from the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas and Postdoc Writing Fellowship at the University of Bonn (2019). Assistant Professor at the University of Cienfuegos and director of the Center for Sociocultural Studies (CESOC). He has coordinated since 2013 science, technology and innovation projects of institutional character in topics related to the environment and socio-cultural practices. He has also participated in research projects associated with national programs and international projects including IWECO.

Dr C. Dunia María García Lorenzo has a degree in Accounting and Finance from the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas (1988); a Master in Finance (1999) and a PhD in Economics (2001) from the University of Havana. Professor of the Faculty of Economics and collaborator of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEEMA). She is a member of the faculty of the doctoral programs in Local and Territorial Development and Sustainable Energy and Industrial Technologies. She is also the coordinator of the Specialty in Accounting and Financial Management of Tourism. She has published multiple articles in national and foreign journals indexed in prestigious databases; and participated in various national and international events. She has participated in several national and international research projects, the latter in collaboration with countries such as Sweden, Belgium, Venezuela and Portugal. She currently serves as Vice-Rector of Research and Graduate Studies of the University of Cienfuegos and Head of the Territorial Program of Science, Technology and Innovation “Local Development and Territory”.

MSc. Erislandy José Becerra Fonseca, Agronomist Engineer (2017) and Master in Sustainable Agriculture (2020) from the University of Cienfuegos. Assistant Professor at the University of Cienfuegos. He participates in the International Project for Local Agricultural Innovation Project (PIAL) and is the coordinator of the Genetic and Technological Diversity Axis. He has also participated in research projects associated with national programs.

MSc. Maité Nodarse Castillo, Bachelor in Biology and Master in Integrated Management of Coastal Zones. Assistant professor at the University of Cienfuegos and researcher at the Center of Studies for Sustainable Agricultural Transformation (CETAS). Coordinator of the sectoral project “Diagnosis and economic evaluation of mollusc pests in agroecosystems”.  Member of the Ministry of Higher Education’s temporary advisory group for food security. Currently working on the development of the early warning system for mollusc pests in organoponics.