Dr. Jorge Núñez Jover, Bachelor in Chemistry (1972) from the University of Havana; Doctor of Philosophy (1994). Full Professor at the University of Havana. President of the Chair of Social Studies of Science and Technology (CTS+I). Academic Coordinator of the Higher Education-Local Development Network of Cuba (GUCID). Advisor of the Superior Council of FLACSO (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences). He has been awarded on multiple occasions: Cuban Academy of Sciences Award in 2000, 2013, 2016 and 2019, CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences) Award for “University Studies” 2010, and received the Carlos J. Finlay Order, Award for the Body of Scientific Work. He is Professor Honoris Causa of the University of Cienfuegos, and author of 24 books and a hundred articles.